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UPDATE-Advice on used truck purchase

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I would like to get some advice from you guys on purchasing a used truck.. it's at a high end used car dealership, they have very good reviews, and dont sound shady and are very accommodating over phone..
Car fax is clean, 1 owner. They said they took it to a ram dealer and had them go through it, all came back good and they said they will show me the work order from the dealer. All scheduled maintenance up to date.
2014 mega cab 4x4 Laramie all black..182k miles
Fully loaded, with the black out package..
In pics it looks in almost excellent condition..
The salesman did a walk around with me over the phone, and all he said there was, small rock chips on the front grill\bumper area, and around the fender flares.. said their detail shop will touch up what they can before i go see it..
They are asking $36k, but over the phone, got them down to $34k...
They are a few hours away from me, but will go see it tomorrow..
What do you guys think on that price with miles and condition?
It's in line with blue book value..
I'm in northern California, so pricing are elevated a bit...
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So,i didn't buy the truck.. not knowing it's history was what changed my mind the most.. Plus, it had allot of small paint chips on the front end grill, bumper, and all the fenders... The exterior was not as prestine condition as the pictures led to be ..
I am looking at another truck and would really appreciate your input ..
It's a 2008 2500 mega cab Laramie, 4x4.. 164k miles. Firm on $27k.. Won't budge.
Overall it's in good condition, driver seat has a small tear, and tailgate has a dent..
2nd owner and has allot of maintenance records.. Few weeks ago, new brakes and rotors all around, new batteries.
Within the past 2 years, front end components replaced, new ac system,u joints..a few other odd and ends.. And transmission replaced, still has 1 year unlimited mileage warranty left..
Tires have good tread left...
What do you guys think? Good deal or over priced?
That's more of the info that can make you comfortable with a higher miles rig.
Still a slush box and not deleted. My personal turnoff is the early tier iv trucks were the least reliable and biggest fuel suckers from an emissions standpoint. Unlike @Mopar Proud, I'm a little more pessimistic of things that can or will suck money out of my wallet.
Seat is $300-400 and 2 beers at the most to replace the foam and bottom cover.
Outwardly seems like a better truck to me only due to the repair history being known, and appearing to have covered a bunch of the wear items for a truck with those miles.
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