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08 6.7:
I have a leak (appears to be oil) slow-dripping from the lower-most point of the CP3. I assume that it is coming from between the pump and the case cover, but why/how? Is this common? How would I go about fixing it? I am confident that it was instaled properly and torqued per OEM spec.

I have another slow oil leak that i found running down the tranny adapter - noticed when pulling the tranny a couple weeks ago. It was difficult to trace, but appeared to be coming from the intake plate area, down and towards the back of the engine to the #6 fuel line guard where it then ran down to the tranny adapter plate. I'm thinking that the intake, under high boost is pushing a small bit of oil out that is being introduced from the CCV tube. If this is the case. Has anyone ever seen this? If my theory is correct on this leak, I plan on putting a breather filter on the CCV instead of putting the oil back into the intake to stop the oil from leaking, but would still need to resolve the intake plenum gasket leak.

Help is appreciated!
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