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Twin Stick T-Case 90 diesel

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Hey guys, quick clarification question. if we have a factory diesel manual 1990 dodge W150 we should have a NP-205 right?

If so would this twin stick conversion work? Twin-Stick Shifters, 3-Stick Transfer Case Shifters for GM Chevy NP205, NP203, Doubler
... has anyone done this conversion?

Should I get the replacement pins if my shifting stick has slop in it?

also, this transfer case has an engagement sensor that is broken... apparently nobody has one, any ideas on where to get one?
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Yeah, I mean w250. He said no problem with kit. I think we are just gonna raw dog and go with no switch and or modify a switch to work with the twin stick.
Thanks. I'll look into that. I know the ball style I tried to get at Oriley's had a different thread. coarse vs fine... it's been a year since I have looked at it. I'll give it another shot!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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