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Tweaked rad mount

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Long story short I crunched the front driver side of my truck and the very bottom rad mount, the part that is welds to the frame where the rubber bushing sits is tweaked a bit and its preventing my new fender from fitting properly does anyone have any ideas how to fix this I'm kinda stuck here and I'm not gong through insurance as I don't wanna loose my truck! Any help would be great!
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if you can post up some pics you might get more interest in your thread. Pics tell a thousand words.
Your radiator core support is bent. Pull it out top and bottom the best you can or find another support !!!
Any suggestions on how to bend it back I don't need it bent very much!
Any suggestions on how to bend it back I don't need it bent very much!
Log chain and a cable come a long. Log chain around tree or another vehicle bumper. Tree works better. Short piece of chain around core support. Cable winch in the middle. Start cranking !!! Go slow. You can pull it too far in a hurry!!
If the frame is not bent itself, you need to take everything out of the way and get a big hammer, heat torch, other bending tools. Maybe cut off and weld back.
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