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Turbo ??

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hello im a new member i have an 02 cummins 6 speed installing adr box ddp 150 sticks and snow stg 3 water meth and of course head studs and a fass 150 pump i wanna run an II turbo was wondering wich would be the best for the set up im gonna drive it on the street and some light towing with frequent track trips thank in advance :peelout
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welcome to CF

a 64/14 will hold a lot of power and still work well on the street :thumbsup
should i go PS or silver 64
i like my sps 62 but the silver 62 would be good to!! should be a good 500hp setup
If your not fully set on the II Turbo take a look at the High Tech SS 13 series charger. It will spool better on the street and flow just as well at the track, best of both worlds

With the 6speed I'd look at the 64 Compressor
I like my HT 64/14,Twins would be even better
BD Super B Twin Turbos

BD Super B Twin Turbos, complete with everything from intake to manifold!

True Engineering with a manufactures warranty.
for the texas heat i'd stay in the 62mm range the silver 62 or sps 62 .. better spooling off the line and move a lot of air. i did 492 & 1120 with my ps 62/14 and towed some large loads as well. good turbo for 150hp sticks. jmho...
I second the twins idea!! Very fast spoolup even at 10,000 feet in altitude!:thumbsup
what kinda power can i expect with the 150s and a silver 62 vs twins and 200 sticks
Super B Special and some 150's will be awesome. You can't really go wrong with II or BD. :thumbsup:thumbsup
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