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Wanted to pick each others brains on this topic and guys chime in that have tried multiple turbos/brands and the performance they had.

Currently running MDC 2nd gen swap with their s464 billet wheel. Basically a smeding kit/turbo with their billet wheel.

Off the bat, very quite turbo. Compared to my cast Borg Warner s465 on my 08.
The cast 465 has that off idle whistle and sounds great all through the rpm range, and compared to my billet wheel, seems to spool quicker and be more responsive.

The billet wheel feels more like a “light switch” if that makes sense. Driving around town, normal driving is 2-5 psi boost.not bad. Comes to life at 10psi boost and then Takes off. The cast 465 feels smoother boosting. Just for comparison sake, both trucks have same tuning, same gears and tire size/upgrades.

Any of you found yourself going back to a cast wheel over the billet and found you had better performance? Or maybe another brand billet turbo.
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