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turbo prep

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i just picked up an HE351VE on ebay, im just lookin to see what i should get before i decide to throw it in...such as the exhaust manifold, fuelling (i have stock injectors right now), etc.
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anyone? lol
banks power pack.... AHAHAHHAHAHAH

I believe its a different flange to mount it to the manifold. Also need some controller to control the turbo. And downpipe is different. Its definitely not a bolt on swap.
yea i know lol...its what came on the truck when i bought it, its getting ousted
banks power pack.... AHAHAHHAHAHAH

The only thing wrong with Banks stuff is its way overpriced and the performance gains are mild. If it were given to me I'd run their stuff anyday and modify it like everything else to make good power.

If you think Banks' stuff is a complete joke than you obviously have a lot to learn. And FYI your immaturity is showing by posting things like that. If he came on here talking like Gale does, it would be a different story and I'd hope we all joined in to bury him.

To the original poster,
Like stated you will need a different manifold or an adapter, as well as a means to control it. The turbo will work with stock to mild fueling, thats the great part about variable geometry turbos.

Check out this thread for some ideas: HE351VE on a 12 valve - Competition Diesel.Com - Bringing The BEST Together
you must have that truck that was for sale in sanford a couple years ago.

i have a mechanically controlled he351ve on my truck..
thanks for the defense lol...ive been doin a fair amount of research, it looks like a simple enough undertaking, with some minor engineering

and yes, it was the one for sale near sanford
when it comes to the adapter, what flanges am i looking at? T3? 4?
1. you need an adaptor unless your a good welder...
2. it WILL hit your shock tower...
3. no, no fueling mods are needed to run the turbo...
4. you know the little elbow that claps to your turbo? youll need another one... clamp them together to make an "s" if you will back down to your intercooler
5. there are oil drain line mods...
6. good buy!!! you wont be sorry!

i can get you more pix or info if need be just pm me...
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cold start vid with housing closed down...

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unless you get a manifold like this then there shouldnt be shock tower clearance issues and maybe less piping issues...

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i dont really recommend that manifold tho.. these 12valves run hot on #1 as it is...
wow...thats some great info, ill definately have to keep in touch, i know this will pay off in the end
and by the way, was that an oilfield bumper i saw in that video? lol
no just a lil homemade piece lol i aint found anything to stop me yet haha
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thats siiick
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but anyways if you need help with your build just let me know haha ill be around...
much appreciated, will do
Front main seal leak maybe? Thats a pretty good little puddle.

That manifold you had a pic of is from a 12 valve. I believe its a rv manifold. I have a school bus one on mine. Are these turbos water cooled? I want one on mine. Also what foot is it? Is it t4?
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