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turbo or turbos for 300hp injectors

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im open to all suggestions every thing in my sig is the same except injectors and turbos i will be towing heavy and daily driving this truck also
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why do u want to go so big??
cant help it its an addiction
i have already outgrown my current turbo set up and while im at it i might as well do it to the fullest
well i say tick with twins for 300's cause a single big enough to clean them up top is going to me smokey and laggy while towing... talk to JKidd he was alot of turbo deals
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Haha 300's and towing...
You best be lookin at tripple turbos.
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what would be a good set of trips to use
I have no idea but 300's are mega large.
do you think it is even possible?
so your current twins cant keep up with a mild setup and you want to double the size of your current injector, all while keeping it a tow rig:confused013:
id do a bit more research...
hahaha i dont think heavy towing and 300s should even be in the same sentance lol. you have bd tow twins now? might want to upgrade to their r700 twin kit that will be your best option you might be able to do some towing with that. i see youre from alabama (not too sure about the landscape down there but i think it might be a little flatter than up here so that will help).

id upgrade to the bd r700 tow twins and then ditch the bd sticks for a nice set of mach 5's or 6's andif you dont want to go with those machs then find some nice 220-250hp injectors
wow. 300's would suck for dd, much less towing.

what hp level are you shootin for? a good set of 200's with the correct amount of air will make 600hp.
when i read threads like this i just laugh. 300hp injectors, triple turbos blah blah blah....:banghead:
there is no way unless your running some god awful big VP that you could even feed those injectors this thread must be a joke seriously man go hang out in the newbie posts for another year or so
i think everyone needs to be a bit friendlier instead of reprimanding people for asking questions. we're all learning here, thats what life is about isnt it?

dont scold for ignorance, scold for stupidity.

im pretty sure an SOVP will feed 300hp injectors since i have an SOVP with 320hp injectors and they feed fine.

anything above 200s are going to get hot when towing unless you are running a perfectly matched turbo setup with some very high performance 200s.

boggers - i apologize for some members on here. they forget that they too had "noob" questions... probably not too long ago.
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there is no way on a SO pump. you need atleast a hrvp but im leaning more towards a built 215 p-pump or a monster. as far as air...BIG twins or triples and no i dont think it will dd or tow. it will become a dedicated dyno queen or drag strip truck or puller.
7x18s not a 320 horse injector
anyone know the numbers for 7x.018s? ive only seen em advertised as 300+hp from places

also the fella i got them from made 620 with them and a single s480 with an SOVP on his DD
yeah.... 300hp injectors and heavy towing= bad news

stick with what you have or maybe only go up to 200's.
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