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turbo? injectors?

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I found out recently my turbo is leaking oil on the intake side. so its time for upgrades. I have a manual so keep spool time I mind because its a daily driver. so what do you guys think I should get for a turbo and injectors?
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You should fill out your signature by going into your "User CP". First you need a better lift pump, gauges, cold air intake, and a tuner like edge comp, edge juice, tst PowerMax 3, or smarty. A very good setup for a manual would be 7x.009 injectors: (~90-125hp) and an s357/65/14:
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Oh and baby it until the t-stat opens. Depending on how you drive it with whatever tuning you go with it'll be a good idea to get head studs and stronger valve springs.
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I really don't know how to work this site haha but I have a cold air a fass 200 banks intake elbow gauges and some other odds and ends I cant remember. I am looking to get a edge juice with attitude but I have to get my ecm flashed because I bought my truck with a superchips tune on it without the tuner because the guy lost it
Dang, fass 200 huh? Do you have any goals for your truck HP wise? What do you do with it?
well id love to hit 500 hp but I think that's a little out of my price range at the moment. what do you think it would take to get to around 500?
7x.010's(150hp) and a 62/71/14. I would do the 150's now and the turbo later. Keep your tune low for the time being.
what tune would you recommend? my dad loves his edge on his 7.3 and hes never had a problem with it so ive always leaned towards edge. but im always opem to new things also
I would go with the edge juice like you were thinking before. But if you already have gauges or are going to get gauges on hour pillar then get the edge comp. Either way make sure you get the hot unlock for either.
that would get me around 500? that just seems to easy haha
Pretty much. And it would be the best single turbo setup that would still rip on the street and not have too much lag. But you're going to want head studs, and stronger valve springs and pushrods.
well Im not really ready for all that haha whats the most I could get out of just throwin a tune turbo and injectors you think? safely
Well you need the edge drag comp, then I'd go with the 7x.009's and a 57/65/14. Maybe a 62/65/14. You will really want to baby it until the t-stat opens, don't lug it but don't take the RPMs above ~2100, keep the boost below ~7psi. You'll be fine like that.
I keep hearing about the hot unlock. what is that exactly?
Regularly the the edge fuels to 2700 then defuels. The "drag" comp or comp with unlock fuels to 3200+.
alright well I just ordered my drag comp haha now its time to figure out what I really want for injectors and turbo
Good deal you'll love it man. Oh and do you have a manual or automatic trans?

You would be money ahead by setting a goal of what setup you want to run and go with those injectors the first time and then do the turbo instead of slowly stepping up and constantly changing injectors and turbos.
its a manual haha idk im always going to be looking for more power but i dont want to have to be glued to my egt gauge haha
Okay well you'll need a better clutch and hydros too. I'd go Valair, and do it once and go dual disk.
i figured id be ok for a little with my clutch right now. i dont plan on drag racing or sled pulling with it. everything ive ever omned was a manual so im not hard on them by any means. how much hp will stock hold you think? and ya if i were to upgrade i wouldnt do anything but dual disk
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