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New Turbo ??

Greetings from Finland..............:hi:

My question is what would be turbo for my setup . I was thinkin of a 62 or 64/71/13 ......

Engine has Stock headbolts and gasket. 3K GSK,Fp #100, DDP HFDV/ 90 hp injectors.

Truck is used for mainly daily driving and some racin.
Thanks !!
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Hello, and welcome

The 64/71/13 will make more power, but you might want a little more fuel to get the most out of it.

On the other hand the 62/71/13 has been used in 550hp builds, and will be a better daily driver.

With out more fuel/rpm I think the 62mm compressor is a better choice, but add some more fuel and/or rpm and you might like the 64mm
i have heard that like a super phat shaft 62 or the 62/71/13 have been great up to around 550-600 as well. thats what i plan on going with since the truck is my daily driver. the 64s make more power but also spool slower and run hotter until you build that boost.
I wouldn't expect a sps62 to be cool at 600hp though.
500hp has been done on hx35s but they are HOT
For what your doing check out a BD super b special. I had one and really liked it. If you decide to do bigger sticks or d.vs you will still be covered.
How much timing..... + 15* ??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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