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Hey i need some help from you guys. im looking into replacing my turbo on my truck in sig. and need help picking one. currently i am getting a whining noise at anything under abour 9lbs of boost and anything over seems to clear up and sound normal, to me anyways. i also just upgraded my edge with the hot unlock and within a few seconds my egts go to over 1400 and quickly so im looking for just alittle bit better then stock. This is my daily driver truck and will be towing a 4500 lbs camper occassionally and i only mean a few times a year. What i need is something that can survive the edge box with quick spool and lower egts and i probaly wont go very far past just the edge box,the only problem is my budget is tight with this problem getting worse and a new tranny coming very soon so let me know what you think. i heard aurora 3000 and i think super b's are good.
thanks guys
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