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I really need some guidance on upgrading my turbo. I have read a ton of posts with a lot of different setups. I'm looking for a single turbo good for towing & maybe a little playing around. I tow frequently, but not heavy. Maybe 5,000lbs. Like to do some mountain towing 5 to 6 times a year. Really looking at an Aurora 3000,super B single,II Phat Shaft 62. Will be adding exhaust manifold, & 100hp injectors when I can.

01' 2500,4wd,pyro,boost,fuel gauges,Edge Comp,S&B,4" turbo back,FS2500,Airdog,Georend trans w/ billet input,Triple disk conv.,2" level kit,Bilsteins 5100's,Optima yellow tops.
Yeah your definently on the right track :thumbsup:
A 62/71/14 is a great towing a playing around turbo. I would go 150 HP injectors tho and just turn you chip down a little while towing. All those brands are good basicly what I did was looked around in the classifieds for a used turbo with low miles and bought it. A hell of alot cheaper that way but its up to you. :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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