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turbo again...

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okay explain to me what these numbers mean so i can know what the turbos are when i look at themand i know that turbo in the url might not work but i thought i would be a good set of numbers so i can beter understand turbo. im wanting a 62 or 63 but i can offord a new one, i found one thats a t4 but im going to try and stay away from any extras that i will have to buy... also anyone have a turbo they wont to sell thats not posted in the sell sections... thanks again!
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That turbo would not work on a 03. It is for a 2nd Gen. I also would not buy it because it is made in china.
yeah i wasnt going to even think about buying, but i saw all the numbers and i didnt know what they mean. i understand what will work for my truck in numbers such as 62/68/62 63/68/13 etc. and the diff from t3,t4,t6 but i dont know how to read the sizing numbers to tell what they arent listed like above the above numbers.... i hope i make since.
Not sure what your budget is but you could always look at a box BW S363, you can probably get a new one for around $700 give or take a little bit.
so this turbo will be around the size im looking for? and where can i find them new? my budget is only about 750-800
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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