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Tuning in Knoxville?

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Hey guys, I've got a friend of mine in Knoxville trying to calculate up how much an EFI-LIVE tune is going to run him. He's negotiating price on a 07.5 2500 that isn't deleted yet and is going to be a first time diesel owner! So he's trying to see how much he needs to put aside to be fully deleted. The price for EFI live and Parts are already figured out, now just wondering how much someone in Knoxville will charge to tune it.

I know prices in threads is kind of a no-no, so please PM me. He's an Afghanistan veteran too!

Thanks guys!

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Hit up anarchy they're right around Knoxville and Cody would be glad to help them. They're a supporting vendor also.

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Where in Knox can you tune
I live in loudon
I know this is over a month old but you don't need to be in the same area as your tuner. They can be sent via email.

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