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TST help

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Fixing to buy this tst off a guy. Trying to figure out which it is since he does not know for sure. It has built in gauges in the remote. SN on the box is #1897 and when he pushs the grey button on the remote it goes HP, tq and then max egt and then max boost.. Which is that? Cr47?
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It can't be flashed to the what? Whats ap? Also I use to have the r47 and it def did not have anything about max boost... Ya sure its not r49 just without the other options?
Pretty much I don't need the adjustable rail. I just want adjustable timing so I can control the timing for stacking it with my smarty.. Any real need to have the adjustable rail pressure?
My buddy had a old r37 and had it updated to the cr49.. Why couldn't i?
Anyone else know if I can call tst and give them the SN and they give me the scoop on it?
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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