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ts mvp issues

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okay i bought a mvp from a member here for a 2001 truck. my truck is a 98 so i went ahead and purchased a wiring harness for a 98.5

long story short. i hooked up the ts mvp following all the directions. go to start the truck. and it has a very touchy throttle(cant even really explain it) it only revs to 1500 and wont go above that. oil pressure gauge stops working. water in fuel light comes on. and check engine light comes on.

i was wondering if anyone has had any issues like this... Ts said they will try sending me a new harness to replace the brand new one... they said ifs not the harness its the box which would be really disappointing....:banghead:
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I would ask for a refund from the person you bought it from if the other harness don't work. Might want to let him know either way tho.
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