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It's done this twice now I searched and didn't find much

It's under 30deg here and had been for awhile now

The problem is when I cold start my truck it cranks for a split second and then just stops, when I turn the key off and try again it starts as usual, foots all the way to the floor on the clutch and I'm holding normal pressure on the key so nothing like that, the only thing I did different was I THINK both times it's done this it was just before the grid heater cycle (just about to say go ahead and start ) you know how it clicks when it's done... it's doing that right in the middle of me cranking it, ideas? Normal? I'm gonna make sure I let the grid fully cycle this week and see what happens, checked the battery connections and they're all good

Edit trucks bone stock 4800 miles on it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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