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Truck Wont Start

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So i put my 4000 gov spring in my truck last night and got everything back together and plugged everything in on the pump but it wont start. It will turn over all day long but not even trying to fire. I cracked the injectors and they are all getting fuel to them but i just dont understand while it wont start or even fire any. Can someone please help me and tell me while it wont fire or even try to? Its kind of urgent because i have nothing to drive now.

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did you get throlle indexing right go try and start it with the pedal to the floor. if it does rpms shouldnt be high. then go redo your indexing till you get it too far. too much on it will cause it to idle but when you push the pedal it will die. too little it wont catch cuz theres not enough fuel. it has to be just right
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