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Ok folks here's the story. We have a '07 Ram 2500 w/ 90,000 miles on it A little over two weeks ago while driving truck suddenly started running funny, belching black smoke losing power. I got truck off four lane and tried to make my destination about a mile away truck almost made it spitting and sputtering all the way. I came to a fairly steep grade truck sputtered and died, refired backed down hill got into a parking lot truck died would not refire, sat for about ten min called boss turned key and truck fired up seem better some what. Durring initial bad running checked all guages and over head nothing showing or out of normal. Upon refire overhead read service required see dealer. Truck seemed to be running ok so i did what I came to do that is salt parking lot so I drove the 25 miles back to shop dumped salt dropped plow and headed to my dealer, while on the way my overhead stated dpf100% full see dealer while on way dpf dropped to 90% then back to 100%. Got to dealer they looked at and statd the needed to regenerate and they would do well they could only get dpf down to 60% the dpf went back to 100%. they looked at everything electrical they could and could find no issues but a coolant senser that seemed to read wrong. Now they are saying could be an injector problem, the need to pull injectors and have tested. I should add we have 100,000 mile bumper to bumper we purchased when truck was a year old. The dealer want me to pay $450.00 or so to have injectors tested said Dodge warrenty doesnt cover that. Which sounds like crap to me but what do you folks think? Any ideas as to what might be wrong and are they heading in the right direction. Thanks for any and all help it's greatly appreciated

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