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truck wont idle or run

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truck is an 03 ram 2500 with 130000

today i got into truck to go to work and it would not start

when i crank it up it idles really rough then shuts off

rpms jump around and it just dies

any help would be great

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number of things could be the problem. no fuel pressure, clogged injectors, clogged fuel filter, lift pump going out, fuel pump going out, ummm.... anybody else want to chime in.
by the way how long does it run before it shuts down.
truck has clean fuel filter, it also has a fass on it. i can hear it running so i dnt think its that

runs for about 3-10 seconds maybe 15 then shuts off

put the programmer on it. had a perm. code that said something like comntrol module/ not programmed. then i returned it back to stock and it hasnt thrown the code again
hmmm.... thats a mystery. Is the programmer showing any other codes? try maybe removing the negative battery cables on both batteries for a couple minutes and see what it does.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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