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truck randomly seems like it shifts into neutral

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Hey guys, just recently I noticed when I turn corners it seems like the truck goes into neutral. Then it kicks into gear. I don't know what would cause this if its the tranny or anything electrical. hopefully someone has had this issue and can let me know. thanks guys also its a 99 if that helps!!!
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Checked the transmission fluid level? Occurs turning both left and right? Possible axle issue?
this is a shot in the dark but I had a 98 long bed ex. cab and when I was wheeling the frame would flex enough it would kick it in neutral really got me in some bad situations but never kicked back into gear. I dunno how hard you are hitting these corners lol just a thought.
I've only noticed it going left and what would the axles have to do with it? And I will have to check the fluid haven't checked it in a while. But I appreciate all the answers at this point because I really want this fixed, and no wheeling for me lol did that in old truck this is my baby hahaha
So it only happens during turns? Do you notice it any other time?
It only happens when turning and it doesn't happen all the time that's why I want to figure it out before it's all the time
Yeah that doesn't sound good. I was just making sure it wasn't all the time like it's just slipping. That's beyond my knowledge but good luck bud!
I had similar issues arise right before I did my manual swap. Mine mainly did it turning right, would kick outta gear but I had to cycle d, r, 1, 2, d, etc to get it back in. Added a quart or two of fluid and it stopped. I knew my cooler lines were leaking though so I figured that's what it was. Hopefully that's all it is for you. Have you noticed any obvious signs of an at leak anywhere?
I have noticed a small leak I'm going to check it out and hopefully that's what it is and I'll check my lines. I want to do a swap so bad but idk if itl be worth it for time and all
Definatly check you transmission fluid level first it is most likely your problem. Secondly check all the linkage for the shifter.
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