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Truck pulls June 19-20

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Saturday- Marion, In ITPA pull, Also has local classes after ITPA pulls. Should be a good pull (Finally no rain!!!) Pulls start at 7pm

Friday- Peru, Dont know too many details, Looks like a RWYB class, but hey its still a pull! 7ish pm start.
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Wish I could make it Boss...might be in town on saturday but do not know about friday :thud::thud:..we will see :thumbsup
Hey Boss im from Marion and the pull is on Friday the 20th if im not mistaken.
I might have gotten them mixed up. House told me about them through text messages and hes on some heavy pain meds so it gets a little mixed.

Ill be at both though!
Look me up Boss, I will be pullin @ Marion. Maybe we can figure out how I can get my hands on a few of those ICR stickers!
yeah I think trucks pull on Saturday at Peru
Marion was a pretty good pull. Probably the worst pits ever! But it was cool to see a pull off (measured to the thousanths and had the exact same distance!) and Have house pull it out an extra 2ft. Good way for him to come back strong after surgery!
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