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I am looking into a 04.5-07 5.9 to tow my 30' boat on occasion and for fun.

I have beat the search button to death and come up with this plan:

Get solid truck with between 60-120k miles (may proove the hardest part)

Immediate upgrades:
AirDog 150
S&B Intake
5" straight or lightly muffled exhaust
Boost, EGT, and either rail pressure, or lift pressure.

And As needed:
Goerend transmission.

Pusher Intake
Turbo As needed

Here is where the confusion starts.:banghead:

I like the Edge Ez as a background fuel box.
I also like the sound of a Smarty Pod.

It would appear they stack well too..:stirpot:

Would it be better to start with just a smarty? Or would the Edge be enough for daily driving, light towing. I am not looking for a race truck, but something that is sturdy but fun. I envision 400hp 800tq as a max.

Am I on the right track?

Real Dyno Experiences?

Let me have it.

The truck isn't purchased yet.


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I'd get the rail and lift pump pressures. Intercooler shouldn't be needed unless you buy a truck with the plastic intercooler ends and then its for insurance. I'd stay away from pressure boxes bit that's just me. A Smarty should work great or even efi live if you get an 06 or newer. You would greatly benefit from a larger Turbo as well. If pulling the boat up any decent grades you may want to look into a water/Meth setup. Just my $0.02
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