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Truck only fires up when plugged in or warm

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Hey guys. Friends 03 5.9. He took it to the dealership for a no-start condition about 3 weeks ago. They diagnosed #2 injector and lift pump. We than replaced the single injector and lift pump with a new one.

Now, about 2 weeks later the truck will only fire up if it is plugged in for a few hours or after it has been ran and warmed up. The injector was installed exactly to spec, with the torque procedure and everything. It does not seem to have any smoke at all, or run rough once it runs.

The temps here are only about -10C or 14F.

Any ideas or how to go along testing anything? The only codes stored are for the fan clutch, which is totally un-related. Thanks guys!
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one FI at a time replacement only makes the mech.'s wife happy when she opens the paycheck envelope and the shop owner.
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