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Truck Louder With Adrenaline??

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Hey guys I just wanted to ask and make sure, but lately ive been noticing my truck is like twice as loud coming out of the exhaust on levels 3-10. Like it was so loud when I got on it the other day i thought something blew up.
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wait till you get a new turbo when i put mine on it got louder and deeper
MySpaceTV Videos: Pullin 326 hp and 783 ft. lbs of torque on power level 6 of 10 by Brian

i have that vid of the dyno kinda muffled but you can kinda hear it sing
I have the super b special and 5 inch exhaust and a BHAF with stock injectors and the 3000 tune the highest I hit was 1200* so it stays cool but that will change when I put some 150s in there
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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