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Truck Louder With Adrenaline??

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Hey guys I just wanted to ask and make sure, but lately ive been noticing my truck is like twice as loud coming out of the exhaust on levels 3-10. Like it was so loud when I got on it the other day i thought something blew up.
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Ok thanks guys I don't really get on it much because of my stock auto but i put it on ten today and was beside a rock wall a got on it and it was LOUD!!!
Haha I would make one but i've been on my stock auto trans for about 4 months and somehow I haven't even felt it slip a bit but im not gonna push my luck any.
Honestly I wouldnt run it above 2 or maybe even 3 most of the time, i usually cruise around town on 2 but ive turned it up to ten probably 20+ times and had no problems but i would definately watch the egts cause I can hit 1600 real fast.
And I'm running the tune that came on the box.
Hopefully soon ill have a super b special turbo and a 5 inch exhaust and that should cool them down a bit.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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