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Truck idle question

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I installed a new Intake manifold yesterday and all was good and dandy.But then I took the truck on a drive and got some wierd side effects.
Now a Mechanical Question,I drove the truck for a while today,Corona to Lake Forest about 30 mins drive.Gave it its good romps,but as I came to a stop to park my truck, the idle was at 1K RPM.I shut the truck off and turned it back on and it stayed at 1K RPM.Could it be the intake? or is the truck adjusting to it?I don't know if its because the weather but the truck was riding a little warm,a little bit past the halfway mark,I was riding the A/C at full blast cold.When I got home to recheck the Idle was back to normal 750 RPM but when put into gear it drops to about 725,then when I put it in Neutral it goes to 800 then quickly drops down to 750,doesn't stay at 800 for a second.Is this normal? I am EXTREMELY PARANOID when it comes to bolting stuff to the engine,especially this one .
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My truck does this when it gets hot that might just be all that it is...and as far as shifting it and rit revs to diffrent rpms mine has done that since it was drove off the lot.
Alright kool.Sorry I am just a little paranoid.I didn't really pay attention to such little things until now.
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