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Driving home in some heavy rain tonight with lightning flashing all around me when suddenly the all the guages on the dash and the radio goes dead. This lasted for 1-2 seconds and then they all came back like nothing ever happened. The truck chimed like I was turning it on. The truck itself never skipped a beat. This really freaked me out..

So I pull over about a mile down the road deciding that this is a great time to fill up and check the truck out. I shut the truck off and check for codes. NOTHING! I figured I would have at least got a voltage code of some sort. So I fill up, the truck starts fine and I head down the road.

I get maybe two miles from the gas station when my "built in phone thingy":hehe: starts resetting itself and beeping at me. It does this continually for the rest of the trip home (about 8 miles). Nothing I pushed seemed to stop it or help in any way. The rest of the truck seemed fine. Once I got home I sat in the driveway for about 5 minutes and suddenly it stopped. truck went back to normal.

The truck is completely stock except for some recon cab lights. Does anyone know what might have caused this or what could be wrong? Im afraid to suggest that the truck was struck by lightning!?! It did strike at the instant I lost the instrument panel.....

I'm sorry for the long post, I'm just a little freaked out..:banghead:
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