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Alright folks. I have scratched my head long enough on this.

I have a full hard side truck camper. It is about 2200lbs dry. My truck, even with the camper dry, rocks back and forth a ton when hitting dips slightly less than straight as well as when going off road. It is tippy to the point where it may roll over if I am not careful. My friends have f150's, f450's, duramax 2500;s, and have very little body roll even when fully loaded. My friend had the same truck with a big wig sway bar and still had a lot of roll when off road(not much better than mine). I have no sway bar on the rear as it wont fit. Heres what I have

2004 2500 Crew Cab, Cummins, Auto, 4x4.

Sumo springs up front
2007+ front end including new springs
Fairly new bilstien 5100's all around
No lift, no level
Stable loads on lower overloads
Hellwig 3500 helper springs cranked down
Firestone ride rite air bags (axle mounted, not at leaf) Tried airing up in 5psi increments from 5 psi to 100 psi to see if any better. Zero is best for rocking.
Toyo MT Tires rated at 3950lbs and aired to 80 psi
BD Sway bar mounts up front
No rear sway bar
New steering box and 2012 style steering pump
BD steering box brace
BD adjustable track bar
Dynatrack ball joints
New tie rods

Here is what is going through my pea brain. As beefed up as the rear is, I feel like the front end might be the issue. Possibly some severe duty timbrens front and rear? I cant add a rear sway bar until I get a new exhaust. This one is in the way. HD front springs? Dual shock kit front and rear? Heavier sway bar up front?

Any help would be appreciated.
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