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Truck camper mileage question

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I have been thinking of getting a truck camper for cross country and using that instead of my toy hauler but am wondering what to expect for mpg hauling these before getting too serious.

I suspect there is some difference in these but if you got one and got an idea of what your truck gets for mpg hauling it I would be interested in knowing specifics and I can get an idea from there.
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I get between 14.5-15.5 with my camper on. This year I will try to slow down to conserve a bit of fuel, so maybe I will get a bit more.
I used to get between 14-15 hauling mine on my 96.
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I have talked about the same thing, I have asked a couple guys with late model dually's with the bigger truck campers and have been told 11-13. Its the wind resistance that kills you. I figure for the extra cost of the truck camper, lose of living space, its just not worth it.
I just did a 2000-mile trip to Moab Utah loaded like this:

Hand calculated 11.6 mpg. :$:
I drove 65mph in California, 75mph in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.
I did a trip to Oregon earlier this year with just the camper (no trailer) and averaged 13.2 mpg @ 65mph

I just upgraded this year to a 2008 6.7L, however prior to that I had a 2000 5.9L. I usually saw 15~16 mpg with the camper on but not towing anything.
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I was wondering the same thing. I have a 38ft toy hauler and had considered getting a truck camper and another enclosed trailer if I got to start racing again. I get between 9 and 11 towing my 5th wheel so I may not be any better off unless I get into off roading. I can fit all my bikes in the toy hauler so I will probably just keep it. I just can't get to all the places that I want to go everytime. The size gets in the way.

This is good info though.
fuel mileage with camper

my camper costs me 3 mpg @ 65 mph; if you go faster it becomes exponentially worse.
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