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Trouble Picking a Lift Pump

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Im looking at getting the AD 100, but if the AD 150 is the same price why wouldnt I get the bigger one. Basically I just want someone to convince me which one I need and what needs to be bought along with the selected pump.

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You dont need a draw straw with the 100. How much HP do you want?
Idk if I will do much more to my truck in the power category...maybe injectors, but no more than 100hp, so whatever that is.
do yourself the favor and get the 150. if you go big later you have the room. if you sell the truck it has a 150. if you sell the's a 150. just my $0.02
I only have plans for minor power upgrades too. With the AD 150 I would look into the canister install kit which is $60. But for $100 more over the AD 150, you can get the ADII 165 WITH the canister install kit (so a difference of $40). The ADII 165 has external adjustable fuel pressure and motor fins to keep pump motor cool(er). Still waiting delievery for mine but I think it was a $40 well spent. And with the extra capacity over the AD100, you'll be cleaning and returning more fuel but that would be the only difference.
just go big or go home...:thumbsup:
AD 150 or bust....
does the air dog 150 come with a draw stray or do i need one seperate.
The 100 can support around 500hp and can be installed without dropping the tank or lifting the bed. If you just plan on running a programmer and some injectors it should be plenty. However, if you get bitten by the horsepower bug after installing your programmer and injectors and start looking into things like twin turbos and monster injection pumps you might regret not getting the 150.
get the ad 150 its easy to install if you pull the bed and do it that way, it does have a draw straw but i love mine the pressure varries maybe 1 psi from idle to wot atleast in my truck its a great product
I would just get the big one, just so you will have it, in case you ever want to add even more hp later. lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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