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Trouble finding throttle position senser

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I have Monaco motor home with isb 260 mc 260 /99 ser#46050572 having trouble with pedal not responding shut down restart runs fine . Have watched videos on test but mine is not located on this motor in same place and l am having trouble locating it . Seems like it would be easy just don't see it thank for any help
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If it has a vp pump then it is above it. Check where the throttle cable goes to and you’ll find it. If not check the pedal
Remove the bell crank assembly bracket. It is on back held on with two screws. Get a Wells/Duralast from Autozone. N ot always the issue. Do some diagnosis with voltmeter first. Pin # should be .5 volts at Idle and smoothly graduate to about 3.8b at WOT. If it does that with skipping it is probably not the problem.
When replacing rotate new one to adjust with those screws to .5v at idle.
Do APPS reset after installation.

Can you pull codes with a scanner?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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