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As Dad the Mod has closed the thread, I will make this post, without bias.

There were a number of companies suggested, as the OP has done, he called one of them and was not satisfied. This is a good practice to use when selecting a future large expense. Now, using some feed back from others may be helpful it ins't necessarily a true representative of the facts. I know if I threw down $5 or $10,000 on a transmission at ABC tranny, ofcourse I'm gonna say they are great! Its the same when someone asks which turbo to go with or any other aftermarket add-on, everyone has an opinion (and we all know the word on opinions?) each truck is different as are the people who drive em. If you were foolish enough to spend good money on company's ABC "go faster, use less fuel, look good" aftermarket part for a "ga-billion" dollars, only to find out it don't work, ofcourse your gonna promote/suggest that all buy this or that part only to save face (as you were gullible enough to be suckered into it).

So to the OP of the tranny issues, call each of the companies suggested ask your questions, as they are the "experts" and the rest of us here are not! Some of us here are only trying to justify our never ending quest for "bigger... badder... more bling... more smoke and mirrors" wet dreams.

Good luck in your quest for a good transmission and shop.
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Amen to that. Thanks to those who actually helped answer my question. I've now pretty much made my decision

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A wise man once said "you can not please all of the people all of the time" so you can have a shop with 95% customer satisfaction and ruin it with the 5% who can't stop the whining and bashing. Personally i went with the tranny shop that had the 95% and have had no issues with service or quality. So i guess, put me in the 95%, and make the choice for yourself. :thumbsup:
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