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Transmission Replacement

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Well, it is finally happening with the tranny in the truck. The torque convertor is begining to shutter when the chip is turned on. I have an Edge Drag Comp, intake, and exhaust. I am looking for recomendations on transmissions. I have been taking a look at these guys off of ebay Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission, 96-02, V10 5.9 Diesel 47RE : eBay Motors (item 270445440181 end time Feb-16-10 16:32:12 PST) the only thing is that seems a little cheap for a transmission. Has anybody done business with these guys? The have a pretty decent warranty and all. What tranny are you guys running and what did you pay? Also torque convertor, what are you running and what did you pay?
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You need more then a stock rebuild for what you are running, stock rebuild will just be asking to wear out also. I would look for something that is a little beefed up, I just had my 47re replaced with a Garmon Performance built trans because his price was the best for me since it included the install. I have read lots of good things about this company while I was on a search for my trans replacement.

Dodge Cummins transmission BILLET CONVERTER 47re 48re : eBay Motors (item 220545980496 end time Feb-03-10 14:47:53 PST)

and at least its a built piece so it could handle the power better then the stock piece can. Its a little more money but rather do the job once right then over again.
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