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transmission oil 68rfe?

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just to clarify any doubts.. which oil do you use in the transmission? In addition to the mopar, which brand more advisable and best oil to put in 68rfe?

Has some oil better than the ATF+4 for the 68rfe?Already saw the valvoline ultramax TO-4M?

Valvoline UltraMax™ Transmission Drive Train Oil TO-4M is a multipurpose heavy duty powershift transmissions and drive train lubricant designed and recommended for applications meeting the performance requirements of the Caterpillar TO-4 and TO-4M specifications, Allison C-4 specification and Komatsu specification. They also meet the requirements of ZF TE-ML03 for use in ZF torque converter transmissions in city buses, off-road machines, lift trucks, specialty vehicles and other such equipment. It also provides excellent friction material and elastomer compatibility, while guarding against gear wear, rust and corrosion, foaming and oxidation.
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I would ONLY use ATF+4, no matter what brand...

I'm pretty sure that the 68re would not be a happy transmission if you used the oil that you described.

If you have any doubts, PM TransEngineer and he'll be able to answer any questions for you
I am wanting to know more about the oils. clear that the ATF+4 would be the best for the 68RFE. I wanted to know of some other options for better efficiency, durability, even that my already broke with the mini-maxx.

What engine oil do you use? You have heard of mobil delvac super 1300?

What oil do you use on the engine? Valvoline? Mobil? Which model? I want any suggestion to improve the efficiency, durability, clean the engine..
Has anyone thrown the purple stuff in their trans?
I recall reading, from a few different sources, that the Mopar ATF+4 is about the best stuff you can put in the trans. Any other choice should be a true ATF+4, not "meets the specs of."

The oil arguments are aplenty. Just use a certified oil that meets specs, a quality filter, and change on schedule. My $.02.
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