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transmission jumping

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i just had my transmission rebuild about two months ago. a few days ago and today coming home from work i noticed when my truck shifted into o/d at about 1300rpm or so i felt the transmission jump a little and jump rpm a few hundred very quickly just like it did when it was blowing up now is that just the converter trying to lock or am i having issues alreay? i had a single billet converter shift kit borgwarner clutches and a few other smalls things done to the tranny when they rebuilt it for piece of mind. thanks for your replies
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It kinda sounds like the t c is just trying to lock up but at 1300 rpm it may not want to so it is kinda on the fringe of locking up if you know what I mean. Any issues with trannys I like to check codes also as some things will generate a code and simplify a diagnosis.
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