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Transmission issue after hitting road plate

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Some time today between my way to work and my way home from work the county did some road maintenance and added a road plate that is more like a curb in the middle of the road. Unfortunately I had no clue it was there and I slammed into this thing at 45mph, hitting it caused my truck to basically bounce. After I recovered from it I noticed that my dash light that illuminates the Voltage was out but the steering and everything else seemed fine. I continued on at about 45mph for another 2 miles before hitting a red light. When the light turned green I took off like normal but the RPM's just went up to about 2300 and the truck started barely rolling forward, I figured maybe I was 1/2 between "D" and "2" so I immediately grabbed the shifter and threw it the rest of the way into drive and the truck shifted 2-4 like normal. When I hit the next light the same thing happened where the TC was just not engaging so I made it thought the intersection and pulled over to see what was going on. Everything on he shifter and indicator seems normal but the transmission will only engage the TC normally in first gear in either "1" or "2", then I can shift into "D" like normal.

Its dark and late so I don't have time to mess with anything now but I did crawl under the truck and verify that everything is plugged in and that the shift cable don't look obviously messed up. I know you guys are a wealth of knowledge and someone has to have had this bull happen to them before.

Thanks in advance for the help.

2003 47re 4x4 w/ manual trans case

Now to file a complaint with the county and wait 6 months for a response.
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Sounds like it is starting out in drive and not dropping to 1st at a stop like it should. Usually that will be gov pressure sensor and\or solenoid.

Since you bounced it hard start checking harness connections on the transmission to see if one came loose.
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I didn't really think about the fact that its probably just starting out in 2nd...

I did check the connections last night and made sure they were fully seated. Ill go over it again but what your saying makes sense to me.
Somewhere between last night and this morning my transmission is working correctly again. I assume a connection was loose but when I checked them I didn't notice anything lose. In any case its working now, but im going to keep an eye one my trans connector.

Thanks again.
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