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So i'm going to get a trans put in on monday and they told me 2800 with tax and they would give me a billet torque converter, shift kit, extra cooler, bigger pan. I want it to hold 350 hp no problem. Will that be good for me? I'll tow horses with it.
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It sounds good to me as long as you are not doing boosted launches or fooling with a lock up switch under load at the wrong time. I did it twice, and both times it broke my input. Never broke just towing and using it like a sane person though.

I just had my 24 valves auto rebuilt and its pushing 400 hp and 900ish torque, (mind you this is all guaged by what Ive read on here and seat of the pants dyno), and I did about the same route you are thinking of. Price sounds good, mine was quoted at 2600 but there was a broken planetary.

Heres what I learned. If they will warranty the trans the same, provide the parts, it will save you money and get the the best parts. Alot of the parts on my bill were double what I would have paid online for better quality :banghead:

My trans consists of a PDQ dual disk (not as good as triple, but dang stout and imo better than a single), also its and ultra low stall converter, its downright amazing for towing compared to my way more expensive Suncoast triple disk that had a higher stall speed.

I opted for Kolene steels, Alto reds, and a transgo shift kit. If I would have shopped online I could have upgraded to some billet internal parts. I was charged 950 for my clutches and steels, online they are 500 for the same brand. :doh:

If I did it again, I would go with Revmax for bang for the buck. I would buy it all through those guys. Live and learn I guess.

Also, this is the first trans I have had pulled by a mechanic. I will not do it again. 600 in labor for removal and install is stupid. Plus, its not as clean as I would have liked to see it. So instead of 3000, it would have been only 2400. :buttkick:
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