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Transmission Help

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So i'm going to get a trans put in on monday and they told me 2800 with tax and they would give me a billet torque converter, shift kit, extra cooler, bigger pan. I want it to hold 350 hp no problem. Will that be good for me? I'll tow horses with it.
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If you are going to beat on it get a billet input shaft. Boosted launches and turning tires with the truck sitting still is a lot harder on a transmission than just going up will with some weight behind you. I met someone who had his transmission built with everything but billet shafts. Just after the warranty ran out he turned his billet shaft into a toothless wonder. That ruined his torque converter. He turned up his power and beat on his truck mercilessly. He probably would still be running fine on that rebuild if he had treated his truck like a truck and not beat on it.

Read this. It was written by DTT
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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