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Transmission Help

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So i'm going to get a trans put in on monday and they told me 2800 with tax and they would give me a billet torque converter, shift kit, extra cooler, bigger pan. I want it to hold 350 hp no problem. Will that be good for me? I'll tow horses with it.
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I'm curious about the extra cooler. These trucks have 1 oil cooler that goes through the engines antifreeze plus another cooler out front in front of the air to air cooler.

where and how big of an additional cooler are they putting in there for you?

do you have a trans temp gauge? Was your trans running hot before?

I have considered the deeper pan that holds more fluid and has the fins on the bottom to help cool the trany oil, plus those aftermarket pans have a drain plug making it much easier to change your own trany fluid. AND those pans have extra ports where you can install a trany temp sensor.
I just had not thought about adding another cooler. and I wonder is there a point where you have too much line and flow restriction on the cooling circuit that ther could be a scenario where not enough volume of fluid is getting back to the trany?
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