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Transfer case issues

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First dodge owner here. Finally bought a 2008 quad cab 4x4 dually, after I got fed up with my 2006 Ford 6.0.

Bought the truck used and it was already out of warranty. I bought an warranty but it only covers engine and trans. Well I was on a trip to arizona and my transfer case litteraly exploded going down the interstate. It acted like the transfer case tried to shift into 4low going down the road. Dealership has had my truck for the last month, and 4100 later finally got it back last week. Well haven't driven but just a couple times since I got it back until this morning and I decided I was going to drive it to work. Driving down the interstate the service 4x4 light came on, then the 4low light started flashing, go off, flash, go off.. When I got to work, the truck was in 4x4. couldn't hardly turn on the dry pavement.

Does anyone have a clue as what might cause this issue? The dealership told me I was the 5th 2008 that they had in the service area with the transfer case blown to peices. I had a new transfer case installed, wiring harness, front drive shaft, encoder motor. But the truck obviously not fixed properly.

Thank you in advance.
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Just a thought

Im by no means an expert but I do have some mechanical sense. It sounds like maybe a faulty switch if they didnt replace it. There could be a loose wire a short or this switch itself is crap. I have a friend with a 2011 dually and and his wouldnt shift out of 4x4 when he engaged it. Electronics are a pain in the butt and they just keep adding more to our vehicles. I have a 2011 and I would have rather had a manual transfer case shifter but its no longer an option. If you had a Ford wiring problems would have showed up if they hadnt already. It sucks that you switched to Dodge and had a problem but hopefully you dont have any more when you fix this one.
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