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Hey I was wondering what 5 speed trans will bolt up to a 5.9 but is strong enough to handle a good amount of power? I don't have a Cummins yet but I plan on putting one in my cherokee after I re enforce it... A lot but I want a 5 speed and I'll for sure going with a 5.9 because its not a common swap I do plan on building the motor a little bit, so if I can get around 500hp that would be more then enough but I'm just worried about the trans being able to handle it, thank you

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Any of the 5/6 spds Dodge uses can be bolted to the 5.9.

If your loking at a getrag 5 spd. You would need 1st generation flywheel/clutch and engine adapter, starter.

If your looking at a NV4500 from a second gen just use the 2nd gen engine adapter, starter and clutch.

A NV5600 6 spd you would use the 2nd gen parts.

A G56 6spd out of the later common rail trucks. You use 2nd gen engine adapter, starter and a aftermarket clutch and flywheel.

If you need a passenger side drop Tcase. That is a 1st gen diesel 205 29 spline. If you need driver side drop your open on what case to use. A 241/271. It would need to be a 29 spline input also.

All the Dodge 5/6 spds use a 29 spline output shaft.
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What are you planning on using the Jeep for? 500hp seems kinda a lot to ask of a first gen 12v, a 3rd gen 24v would be a much easier and better option IMO.
First off HP on a diesel you won't need 500 to have a nice toy Yes a Gasser you have to have that and More but with a diesel you need Torque . That's what get's you moving the HP just help it stay there . so throw all your Gasser idea's out the Window . Do some searching on here you will see what is Needed . and Welcome to CF .
1000 lbs seems like a lot for the front of a unibody cherokee?
It's a unibody? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Plus I'm sure you'd have to cut the firewall to make it fit
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Haven't gone on here in a while, yea im staying away from a 5.9 in the jeep, I gotta do a lot of bracing to the unibody but I'm going with a 4bt when I find one and have the extra $$ and I am buying a cummins this coming summer, I need a tow rig, jeeps had less and less road manors every time I drive it, and now it's getting dana 60 front axle and a 14 bolt for the rear, and 5.13 gears aren't road friendly
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