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trans temp

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Today driving in heavy traffic my trans temp was reading 210-217 is that normal? It was also about 85 degrees today.....

Any ideas?
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Seems 20 or 30 degrees high unless you were towing.

Then again, you do have giant tires.
220 deg. is where i would consider too high, when possible in stop and go traffic put your tranny in nuteral to keep the tranny fluid circulating thru cooler
210-217 seems a little high. However driving in heavy traffic would make the temps rise. Your tires might also affect the temps but I don't think it would be that much. My truck usually runs about 185-190 in heavy traffic. Where do you have the sender mounted? It seems there are a lot of opinions as to where the sender should be mounted. Depending on where it is will determine what temps you will read.
the temp reading is coming from the PMT.
that does seem alittle high......sometimes my tranny get's into the 200* area and i start to freak out. But ive not had anyproblems with tranny till this date. I even went to pismo beach pulling a 14,000 trailer right onto the beach into the dunes and the temp got to about 210*, again i started to freak out..............but again no problems at all. good luck.:thumbsup

so , in traffic about 185-205 usually
and 150-185 coasting depending if im hauling or pulling or driving fast.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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