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trans question

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alright guys i need some help, I've been talking to this guy about a tranny for a friend and we kind find out if its a 47re or 47rh. The guy doesnt seem to know what the tranny is, he thinks its out of a 96 3500.

He gave me all kinds of numbers that are stamped on the side of the tranny but I dont know where I could find some sort of part number search engine....

Heres what he sent me

Bar Code #TPKTK0245F1165 ON STICKER UPPER ROW P52854238AA on lower row---Number stamped on trans case--PK52854238AA

thanks for you help!!!!
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does the guy have the truck it was pulled from?
nope nothing, just a tranny
how many wiring connectors does it have? If its more than just the nuetral safety switch and the speed sensor, its an RE.
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