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Trans Question

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I have a 99 CTD with a built tranny triple disc etc... my question is that. i just drove an 01 with a built trans and the truck locked up in 3rd gear with out the tow haul button on. my truck only locks in 4th gear overdrive and when i push the tow haul button? is this normal for my year or truck? or did my computer take a dump? also im starting to get a dead spot in the throttle sensor. could that cause it?
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did the truck you rode in have a trans controller so he could select lock up.
nope the truck is bone stock except the built trans. no controller no nothing.
My 2000 finds LU in 3rd gear under select conditions without OD locked out, and its all stock.
O\d off button BigB we didnt have it pushed it was just normal driving and the truck was all stock except for a rebuilt trans with a dual disk torque converter? its weird cause my truck also takes a long time to shift into 4th gear and lock up its in no hurry but it shifts 1-3rd gear like theirs no tommorrow. than hangs in 3rd for a while than finally shifting into 4th and lock up.
bump anyone with a 99??
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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