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trans Limp mode after Transgo install.....

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So i installed a transgo tfod kit into my 2001 everything went good, went back to together real nice.

Truck shifts awesome/drives awesome but kept kicking into limp mode, So i replaced the solonoids in the trans just to be safe with no change.

Started to do some reading and saw a few threads about a resistor being added to the orange wire pin 23 i believe in the center harness, Went to radio shack and grabbed a 100ohm resistor, i wanted a 150 but they didn't have one, Wired the resistor in and it ran mint for a week no limp mode, then today it kicked back in.

Im thinking it might need the bigger 150 resistor??? Considering it ran alot better after i installed the 100ohm one???

Any ideas?? I have the plate on the valve body turned all the way down for line pressure as well.
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Anyone???? Bueller???
Install a 50 ohm resistor in series with the 100 ohm, you will then have 150 ohms.
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I was wondering if i could do that or not, Either way i went on amazon and bought a pack of 150ohm as well as a pack of 200 ohm resistors if the 150's dont work. So we will see what happens.
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