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Trans help urgent!

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Puked about 1 qt of fluid as I was refilling my trans right by the bell housing it came pissing out. I had about 11qts in when it happened. Stock pan etc. I feel like I should've been filling it in stages and now overfilled it but am unsure and don't want to start lol. Any help is appreciated
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Changing filter with stock pan normal service uses about 4-5 QUARTS, I usually put 3 quarts in start truck, run thru gears get up to operating temp then in neutral at operating temp check add 1/2 quarts.
Be careful at the right oxygen level /temp everything burns, trans fluid will burn.
2000 Dodge Durango transmission leak disaster - YouTube
stock trans, no drain, unless your handy with a drill
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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