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Trans govener question

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I have a 97 stock auto 4x4.It shifts from 1st early into 2nd about 8 mph.Does the governer selenoid control that shift 1st to 2nd after that it seems to be ok.If I do it manuel all is well.
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Any tranny people out there???
Adjust the throttle cable. This will give you control of when the transmission shifts gears 1-3
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Thanks I pulled it I think as far as it would go shifts out of 1st at 10 or 12 mph ad does't shutter, Alot better than 8mph.Tranny shop in town said it was the govenor selonoid they thought325.00.Iwould really like it to shift a little later is that what a valve body shift kit would do?
Yes, our valvE body will allow us to give you whatever shift points you desire!
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