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Recently bought the truck. Asked owner if it threw codes from the manual swap and was told it didn't. Took his word for it and it wasn't on during the test drive.

Long story short took it in for smog and failed, Realized the CEL was burnt out and I had some work to do. Also that I didnt get as good of a deal as id thought on the truck.

Talked with Brian at smarty and got the manual flash files from him. That all went smooth, can tell the ECM is flashed for manual now, however the trans codes are still present…

What needs to be done to clear these codes? Is it because the plugs for the Auto trans sensors are still present in the wiring harness? Do I need a new PCM flashed at dealership for a manual?

Truck is a 99 2500 Laramie SLT 4x4 extended cab longbox. originally automatic converted to manual by previous owner. Motor all stock, VP44 has been replaced with another stock unit, FASS fuel pump, 4" exhaust and exhaust brake, Dana 80 w/ discs, gooseneck hitch and 100 gal tank in the bed full of red dye.

What I have gathered about the trans swap is the original harness is still in there i believe. The motor runs fine, not in limp mode or any form of computer controlled power restriction. Clutch start works, 4x4 lights work, Cruise control does not and reverse lights are not hooked up. Supposedly its a Heavy duty rebuilt trans with around 6k miles on it. looks pretty new to my eye.

Im new to the diesel scene, learned everything i know wrenching on toyota 4x4s. Love the simplicity and reliability of em. Was time for a tow rig and needed something that had a engine controlled by a computer. Not too familiar with OBDII but have a general feel for it. Pretty confident in my wrenching skills if more than computer work is needed to solve these issues.
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