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trans code p0868!!!

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I bought a 2008 with a supposedly built 68rfe and it occasionally throws a 0868 code in my h&s black maxx but it will start in the mornings and do fine all the way through 4th untill it comes time to shift to 5th and it will never shift unless I press the throttle to the floor and let out quickly then it will work fine and the same thing for 6th and continue to be like that on the short trips through the day . Then my first long trip in it was 4.5 hours to world finals in Ennis, TX this weekend (which was awesome if you didnt make it by the way) but I noticed after a couple hours of driving, I stopped at a gas station off the interstate and left it running, it shifted fine and continued to do so when I got back on the interstate until I got to the hotel and shut it off for 5 min then got back in and it was back to not shifting any farther than 4th unless I did the throttle trick. Then it did the same thing on the drive home. Also on the short local drives during the week, when it didnt shift good, all the temps were always around 160-190 which is what they were when it shifted good on the interstate Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance!
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I posted in another thread but just went through this PO868 code on a 545RFE ( 2008 ). Truck would stall at low RPM's ( stop signs, lights ect ). After searching the PO868 and seeing posts, I dropped the pan to discover the trans cooler filter was loose from the plastic adapter and the flat pan filter split open along the seam of the metal over the plastic. Replaced both filters and the seal for the snout of the sump filter , replaced fluid, cycled through gears, went for a ride to warm up trans and re check level warm.
Runs good again. I hope that resolves the issue as my first thought was the converter but the filters were a problem creator for sure. Being how my 545RFE and 68RFE are subjects to extreme cold, I think I will swap out filters on both yearly as its a fairly easy, quick job.
Any objections to that idea TransEngineer? I cant see it hurting anything but ???
Thanks TransEngineer. Your are big asset to the forum and appreciate having you and your insight here!
I honestly did pay much attention to the new style filter. However, I looked at the invoice from the dealer just now from the service the dealer did back in Aug of 2012, Here are the part number shown,

(1) 5013470AD 4X4 filter

The rest shows just fluid and sealant part numbers. Funny thing, It shows only part number for 1 filter and not both. Never realized that until now. I know the chrysler tech used black sealant as it was on the bottom of the round canister filter and he didnt do such a nice job with it as he had sealant ( RTV ) everywhere.

Yesterdays list of part numbers are

( 1 ) 05013470 AE
( 1 ) 05179267 AC

So, thanks to your previous post, I have the new style filter that hopefully fixes the filter issue.
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